"The Lazy Man's Weight Loss Guide"

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  Example, when I started, I found that I would burn only 1440 calories per day, based on the average on a chart, so, by subtracting 500 calories from this, it would make my Ultimate maximum calorie intake per day only 940 calories. Pretty low, Doctors don't like that number, they don't want the average man to consume less than 1500 calories per day, and the average woman to consume less than 1350 calories per day. But remember, we are lazier than the average person, so we will burn less calories than the average person. Also, these charts are based on medium-boned people of the average height, so, those factors must be taken into consideration. The average person charts are guidelines for starting your plan, then go from there. Realistically, a goal of 940 calories per day was not very realistic, so I rounded it up to 1000. Sounds tough? Only at the beginning, but after you see the progress of the first week, it will give you a good feeling about doing it for another week.

The reason to subtract 500 calories a day, is that 500 calories times 7 days in a week, equals an intake reduction of 3500 calories, which is about the number of calories it takes to make a pound (0.45 Kg) of fat. Some people who are extremely overweight, who are considered to be obese, can further restrict their calorie intake, but discuss it thoroughly with your Doctor, to keep you on an healthy pace.

One might need to lose 50 pounds or more, so the amount of time it will take a person to reach their long term goal will differ, depending on how much weight one must lose. But don't worry about that, forget it, because it will seem impossible, and most folks are discouraged by this, so their "diets" are ended. In my weight loss period, over the time it took to drop 60 pounds (27.22 Kg), I can count on my fingers the number of times I exercised at a decent pace during that time. So, being lazy, I didn't want to become a workout addict, because once one stops working out, all of their extra calories add back to their fat, and thus many people gain back the weight they lose.
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*Disclaimer: This article is what I did, and is my opinion only. I am not a Doctor, nor am in the medical field. I am not, by any means, an expert on nutrition, nor am involved in any scientific study nor research on the subject of losing weight. I do, however, as a regular civilian, strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a Doctor, medical professional, and/or nutrition professional, BEFORE initiating any sort of weight loss plan.
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