"The Lazy Man's Weight Loss Guide"

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Any extra exercise, such as taking a walk, or riding a stationary bike, pushups, moving things around, cleaning the house, etc, that burns calories, is a bonus to your plan. It's a bonus to you, because you don't HAVE to do them for this plan. So once you've charted your intake goal, and weight loss goal, forget about the activity charts, as you don't have to bother with them again (at least until your weight loss drops you into the next lower category, then just redo your charts at that point).

Keep list of calories eaten, on an easy-to-see with easy access place, such as computer desktop note, or on a dry-erase board on the refrigerator, or in a static memo on a PDA/Smartphone, or even a sheet of paper taped/magnetted to the refrigerator.

Measure the portions so that you get the exact amount for a serving as listed on a product's package. If you're eating only half of one of their servings, measure it and divide their serving's calories by half.

Add the total to the chart BEFORE you eat them. It's a psychological boost to do this, that way you don't forget what you've eaten.

Another good idea is to find one of those old books that show the calories in foods, such as raw vegetables, or frozen meats, that don't list the calories on the packages. You'll refer to it a few times, but after you get the hang of it, you'll remember how many calories are in the amount that you're about to eat, and remember to add it to your total intake for the day before you eat them.

You might think you're starving, having to cut back so much on calories. So, to prove that you won't go hungry, I will list the foods that I've eaten on the average day, along with the calorie counts, some of which will amaze you.
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2007-2013 LazyLosers.com
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