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Breakfast bar (Health Valley ©, "Low Fat Choclolate Chip Granola Bars" www.healthvalley.com), chocolate covered with oats and rice, 160 calories. You can also compare this with that chocolate bar you're craving that has 280 or more calories in it. These breakfast bars are great for eating when you get that chocolate craving. So, you see, chocolate is still okay to eat in this form. These bars also are good to have if you must have a dessert.

Frozen turkey dinner (Banquet ©, "Turkey Meal, Mostly White Meat", ConAgraFoods©) , 200 calories. Includes turkey, gravy, a small amount of bread (they call it stuffing), mashed potatoes, and green peas.

Bread is a normal high calorie food, and diet programs will tell you to eat those awful "whole grain" breads. I found extra sourdough rye bread (Oroweat ©, "New York Style Extra Sour Rye Bread", www.oroweat.com) at 70 calories per slice, is the lowest that has good taste.

The standard Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich that many folks like, can run between 500 to 700 calories, depending on the amount of peanut butter, the amount of jelly/jam/preserves, and the type of bread used. So, If you're craving the peanut butter and jelly/jam/preserves taste, Health Valley © (www.healthvalley.com) has several varieties of flavors in their tarts and bars section, ranging from "Peanut Butter Bars & Strawberry Filling" to grape filling, and even chocolate tarts, which weigh in at only 130 calories per bar. If that isn't enough to satisfy your craving, two of them weigh in at 260 calories, which is a far cry lower than 500 to 700 calories that the sandwich contains.

Thin sliced meats (Oscar Mayer ©, "Shaved, Deli Fresh Meats" www.oscarmayer.com), roast beef 10 calories per slice, with a 6 slice serving at 60 calories. Thin sliced turkey is 50 calories for 6 slices.
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