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Stone ground mustard, one can find anywhere from 0 calories per serving (Safeway Select ©, "Stoneground With Horseradish Mustard" www.safeway.com) on up, so read those packages before you buy.

Peperoncinis (Mezzetta ©, "Imported Mild Greek Golden Peperoncini", www.mezzetta.com) , 3 peppers are 10 calories.

So, look at your lunch: Bread, 2 slices, 140 calories, plus 6 slices of turkey, or 5 slices of roast beef, at 50 calories, plus 0 calories for the mustard, plus 10 calories for the peppers, comes out to 200 calories.

So, the average daily intake from those 3 meals listed above are only 560 calories. That's where the bright side comes in. If you're still hungry, look at this: Spoon sized shredded wheat (Post © Kraft Foods©, "The Original Shredded Wheat Spoon Size" www.posthealthyclassics.com), 1 cup is 170 calories when eaten dry, some store brands allow 1-1/4 cups at 170 calories. Eating them dry gives you the satisfaction of having that crunchy snack, without the high calorie count of chips or popcorn.

Still hungry, here's the fun part: One full ripe tomato is only 30 calories, and since it contains a lot of water, it will fill you up rapidly. If you want more snacks, celery is only 7 calories per outer stalk, and 5 calories for an inner stalk (as they're smaller). A tomato, with 3 celery stalks comes out to 51 calories.

Cucumbers, with the skin left on, sliced, one of the huge cucumbers from the store is around 50 calories, and you'll find it hard to eat the whole thing, so half of it will fill you up, and only adds 25 calories to your total.
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