"The Lazy Man's Weight Loss Guide"

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*Disclaimer: This article is what I did, and is my opinion only. I am not a Doctor, nor am in the medical field. I am not, by any means, an expert on nutrition, nor am involved in any scientific study nor research on the subject of losing weight. I do, however, as a regular civilian, strongly recommend that you seek the advice of a Doctor, medical professional, and/or nutrition professional, BEFORE initiating any sort of weight loss plan.
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2007-2013 LazyLosers.com
Or, if you have extra calories left on your Ultimate maximum chart, you can have that bag of microwaved popcorn that you're craving while watching a movie or your favorite show. Safeway "Lite Butter Flavor Microwave Popcorn" (www.safeway.com) weighs in at 350 calories for the whole bag, and Safeway's Organics (Lucern Foods , www.safeway.com ) "Organic Microwave Popcorn" weighs in at 320 calories for the whole bag.

So, how much have we eaten today so far? 160, plus 200, plus 200, plus 170, 51, plus 25, comes out to 806 calories. And you're full. You can leave it at that for faster weight loss, or you can snack a little more if you need to, up to your Ultimate daily maximum.

Other frozen meals are higher in calories, such as Salasbury steak, at 300 calories. By choosing that over the turkey dinner, your total would be 906 calories.

Don't forget to add the calories of things you wouldn't normally think have calories, such as breath mints. They have some calories. You'll find they'll have from about 3 calories to 5 calories, maybe up to 7 calories for a serving. So add that to your daily total.

Fresh fruits make great desserts and snacks, and have fewer calories than processed alternatives.

The foods listed above are just a guideline, the point is, to be concious of the calories per the amount that you eat, and to read labels before buying a product. Consult a calorie guide for foods that don't have labels, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.